Enough with poorly processed dropshipping goods, long supply chains and fading colors. We rely on high-quality materials and printing processes - so you can enjoy your clothes for a long time.

Our clothes are made of organic cotton and are printed with a water-based screen printing process.
The print is flexible, soft and durable - perfect for debauched parties.

Whether hoodie, shirt or jute bag - our fabrics are printed, stored and shipped in Germany.


Authentizität im Rhythmus der Nacht

Our mission

Since March 2020, there is a professional ban for many people from the nightlife.
Barkeepers, security, organizers, musicians, decorators, e.t.c. - for these people, the future is uncertain. The pain sits deep, often a lot of love and sweat has flowed into heart projects - but there is stagnation.

We want to help art and culture creators from the electronic music scene to get back on their feet. You want to know which projects we support or have a fundable project yourself?
Then write us an email to contact@anti-anti.store