Anti Anti Poster (20x30 cm)

Is culture political?

Do you miss the feeling of surrendering to the night completely detached from values and norms?
And to move in a room free from discrimination and gender debates?
Catch this feeling and hang it on your wall - bring the values of the night to the light of the day!

Become part of the collective and declare war on prejudices.
Our products are lovingly packed by hand and arrive within 2-4 business days at your home. From a purchase value of 40€ we take over the shipping costs for you!
More information about shipping can be found here.
Since March 2020, there is a ban on many people from the nightlife.
Barkeepers, security, promoters, musicians, decorators, e.t.c. - for these people, the future is uncertain
The pain sits deep, often a lot of love and sweat has flowed into heart projects - but there is standstill.
We want to help art and culture creators in the electronic music scene to get back on their feet. You want to know which projects we support or you have an eligible project yourself? Then write us a mail to

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